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I write this post because I need to be able to change the “labels name” on these two fields :

Could you please explain to me how to do it?

Many thanks


You can rename modules (in Admin / Rename modules), so if you rename the Email templates module to (for example) XYZ then those labels will become “Create XYZ” and “List XYZ”.

is this enough for you?

Hi ,

Thank you so much for your answer.

The problem is that while renaming the module, in its sub-section the field remains unchanged, in this case I have renamed the “Email templates” module in “templates” and when I click on the “templates” module I find two entries “Create new email template” and “view email templates”, while I would expect to find
“create new template” and “view templates”

I hope I explained myself better …

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It seems you need to customize a couple more labels…

In custom/modules/EmailTemplates/language/en_us.lang.php

Add these two keys inside the array, and then change to your liking

    'LNK_EMAIL_TEMPLATE_LIST' => 'View Email Templates',
    'LNK_NEW_EMAIL_TEMPLATE' => 'Create Email Template',

Now save, run a Quick Repair and Rebuild, and hard-refresh your browser to see results (ctrl-F5).

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Brother I’ve done the same for renaming the quotes module “CREATE PO” but when do "quick repair and rebuild " It automatically changed back to “CREATE QUOTE”.

Search for that “Create quote” string anywhere under your custom directory, and tell me if you find it in another file apart from the one I mentioned above