Change default task notification

I am trying to change the default task notification to include variables such as the Opportunity name. Currently the email notification only shows:

XXXXXXXX has assigned a Task to YYYYYYYYYYY

Subject: 220T Sales - Sales Quoting
Priority: High
Due Date: 09/08/2018 09:54 PDT(-07:00)
Status: Not Started

How can I add the Opportunity name in the Subject line of the notification email or task body?

Thanks much!

Assuming your language is English, copy this file


to this


(create any necessary subdirectories)

Then you can edit the templates in the new file.

Hugely helpful!

I’ll have a look at the file, make the recommended changes and let you know how I make out.


So I manipulated the custom file as below:


{ASSIGNER} has assigned a Task to {ASSIGNED_USER}.

Opportunity Name: {OPPORTUNITY_NAME}

You may review this Task.

I got the variable OPPORTUNITY_NAME from the assigned Opportunity notification.

Here’s the email notification when creating a new Opportunity:

Administrator has assigned a Task to #### #######.

Subject: 100T Sales - Opening Opportunity
Due Date: 2018/10/13 13:24 PDT(-07:00)
Status: Not Started
Opportunity Name:
Description: To Do: …

My text changes show up (i.e. Opportunity Name) but unfortunately the OPPORTUNITY_NAME variable is blank (see above). How can I get the system to populate the OPPORTUNITY_NAME variable which works when sending Opportunity based notifications?


You’ll have to customize the code a bit…

It’s coming from here

which, in turn, calls set_notificaiton_body from the specific module being used, so for tasks, this one:

There has to be an “assign” there for any variable to be usable in the template. You might run into problems because the variable you’re trying to get is not from the Tasks module, but rather from a related module.

A workaround might be to keep an extra custom field in Tasks, fill it automatically (with a Workflow or logic hook) and then use it in the Template.

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I have one basic question related email notifications for tasks and other. Let’s assume that outbound email is configured end tested. For which type of actions, SuiteCRM will send email notifications by default?