Change color of drop down item


I want to change the color of drop down first item only.
I have tried this in language file.

$GLOBALS[‘app_list_strings’][‘quote_stage_dom’]=array (
‘draft’ => ‘DRAFT’,
‘Hard_copy_and_emailed’ => ‘Hardcopy & Emailed’,
‘Emailed_Only’ => ‘Emailed Only’,
‘Govt_Hardcopy’ => ‘Govt.-Hardcopy Now, email after Due dt only’,
‘Do_Not_Call’ => ‘Reminder 1-Last 7 days n Label’,
‘Reminder2’ => ‘Reminder 2-Is between 1 month 7 days prior’,
‘reminder3’ => ‘Reminder 3 Final-Is between 2 months 30 days prior’,
‘Closed Lost’ => ‘Closed Lost or Quote Enq Dead’,
‘Closed Accepted’ => ‘Closed Accepted SALE ORDER made n advance awaited’,
‘Not_Sent_Regreted’ => ‘NO QUOTE Sent of Drafted-REGRET’,
‘Delivered’ => ‘Delivered’,
‘On Hold’ => ‘On Hold’,

It works fine in detail view but in edit view it shows html code. I dont want to show html code in edit view.

How can i do that

Look into creating a custom field type.

For example copy the dropdown field from:



custom/include/SugarFields/Fields/yourfield/ and rename your field to the name fo your new field type.

alter the EditView template to do what you suggest

then go into the custom vardefs and set your field to the new custom field type you created.


can you describe it in little brief. Did not get what you s said. i am beginner.

I did describe it in brief!

If your not a coder then there’s not much I can do.

We don’t really have time to write code for people, all I can do is point you in the right direction.

Check out this: