Cases Module date entered problem

i have one problem that every time i edit cases records date entered and date modified are both updated and this is not normal behavior of suiteCRM. Also, I confirm that i don’t edit any thing in cases module except in workflow. But in workflow i don’t update date entered fields. I installed suiteCRM 7.11.5 Can you guide me

Hey Pragnesh

Sounds like an odd one!

Do you get the same issue if you edit Cases manually?
Or is this only through the Workflow?

Also, would it be possible to pass over screenshots of the Workflow’s Conditions/Actions, to try and replicate?

I am edit cases record manually and it shows same date as modified date


Thanks for clarifying

Hmmm, it still could be the workflow, depending on how it is set up
Does this still happen if you disable the workflow?

If not, would it be possible to show what the Actions/Conditions of the workflow are?

Yes, i disabled all workflow. And I edit case record it updates the date created and date modified both

Any forgotten logic hooks running, perhaps?