Cases are not created

Hi all,
I’m struggling around one issue… I have set up inbound group email, i can see the emails through crm - but cases are not created.

In log I have an error:

Thu Oct 24 11:23:01 2019 [29695][1][FATAL] Job 480e89a1-0347-5660-ee88-5db16d50ab5d (Check Inbound Mailboxes) failed in CRON run
Thu Oct 24 11:24:01 2019 [29732][1][FATAL] SCHEDULERS: could not get an IMAP connection resource for ID [ 363b02a0-f5a5-03c9-cc54-5d9c60580791 ]. Skipping mailbox [ helpdesk-3 ].

I looked around on the internet, but i’m not been able to find solution.

Does anybody know something, that will help?

SuiteCRM Version 7.11.8
PHP Version 7.0.33

PS: before version 7.11.8 we hade 7.11.4 and all worked well… but I’m not sure, that the upgrade is the reason, we had some troubles with exchange server, but it’s all resolved.

For this to fix you need to contact with any professional.As it will require to dig into your CRM. Only this log is not ENOUGH. You also need to put apache log here? And when about permissions? And Ownership settings after upgrade?? Is all done?