Cases appear blank after upgrade


I have installed SuiteCRM fresh as well as upgraded a SugarCRM CE 6.5.16 installation (restored copy of my live instance) to SuiteCRM. Both have a problem with the Cases module whereby it does not display at all. It appears that although the data is in the database and the relationships are still apparent and show in other modules without issue, when trying to see the default cases module in a list view, it shows nothing.

Hi there,

What are the permissions set to for your SuiteCRM instance? Have you navigated to Admin -> Repair and performed a Quick Repair & Rebuild?



755 on the parent folder (whole instance).

And yes I have tried running a quick repair and rebuild which didn’t work.

Hi there,

What is your OS flavour/distro?

If on ubuntu linux or similar, please try the following recommended permissions:

sudo chown -R www-data:www-data .

sudo chmod -R 755 .

sudo chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload config_override.php



I am using a Windows XP SP3 PC with a FastTrack SugarCRM stack installated to it. I have also tried installing it on a WAMP Server which is installed to a Windows 7 64-bit PC. I get the same problem on both. I have applied the permissions you have suggested, repaired and rebuilt, restarted the PCs - to no avail.

Any other suggestion?

Hi there,

Have you tried disabling AJAX for the module in Admin -> System Settings -> Configure AJAX User Interface. Have you checked your sugarcrm.log to see if there are any related errors?



Hi Will,

Disabling the AJAX UI for the Cases module was the first thing I tried and unfortunately it did not resolve the issue.

I have no errors or messages at all, even in Developer mode. I have cleared the log and then tried accessing the cases module. I have attached the log, but I could not see anything detailing what is causing the issue.


I have a similar issue which is being discussed here

I’try the move to our server today and will report as soon I tested it

anthonywalker123: PHP version? I will try updating to PHP 5.3 and let you know the results.

I have tried a WAMP stack with PHP 5.3 and this produced the same results for me.