Case Updates Section missing after upgrade to 7.5.3


After upgrading to 7.5.3 the Case Updates sub panel is missing. (see image)

The Update Text and Internal Update checkbox now show up as fields in the main contact body and the Update thread is not visible.

We use this a lot.

How can I fix it?


Since another SuiteCRM 7.5.3 installation I have is working properly maybe some files are not updated.

Which directories might control this type of behavior. I am leery to just copy all of the files…


It turns out that the upgrade reset the ListView to defaults. Which does not include Case Updates Threaded.

Once this was added back it works properly.


I’ve found that case updates threaded aren’t in Edit or List views by default, and only in Detail View (as an extra panel)

That brought me undone as I had the habit of using the “sync with detail view” checkbox when customising in the edit view page.

Once I sync’d edit view with detail view, the extra panel with the case updates threaded woud of course disappear.

Putting it back for me, was as easy as adding the extra panel back into detail view.