Case Updates - lots of spacing and weird symbols

Hi there,

Since 10.2 the case updates has a lot of spacing. An enter shows as a whitespace albeit it isnt, so when answering a case you’ll need to remember to press enter twice - it looks weird but only in that case you’ll get the whitespace you want in the mail.

Also it’s showing weird symbols. Like Â. See


Hi Nave,

This should be resolved in the next release (


Alright. Got any idea when this will be?

@Dillon-Brown does this also fix the issue where sometimes updates are imported from the mail but the imported mail is completely blank? Therefor, the update is completely blank as well, when I open the mail via the SuiteCRM mail tab it’s empty as well, however, when I open the mail on my webmail or mail application, it shoes perfectly normal. It doesn’t happen always and I can’t get WHY it happens in the first place.