Case management and linking to customer

This is more of a question than an issue. From within the contact, i understand you can create a case, and that case is then related to that contact. Vice versa, you can crate a case, save it and then assign a contact.

My question is, i added “Contact Name” to the case edit, so when you create a case you can assign it right away, but when you do it this way, the case saves the contact but doesn’t connect the two in any way. Either by the ticket lookup or by the contact lookup. Is is possible to do it this way?

The situation is, we are a service company, and if a contact is already in the system we can go create a ticket and assign it to them right away. From the case to contact relationship it isn’t a big deal, but i am creating an asset module, (appliances) so i need to be able to assign an existing asset without re-entering information (strictly for productivity and avoid mistakes) as someone could have multiple assets assigned to them so we would need to know which asset the ticket is referring to and assign it on the go. This is assuming the asset is already int he system which it would be as it is registered for warranty. I hope that makes sense. maybe just a lack of understanding of the relationships but any help is appreciated.

i dont understand (not english) all but : what is “Contact Name” … is a new field ? witch kind of field ? Relate ?
in workflow, i don’t know.

in logic_hook on case module :


Just look contact_id is filled, the just make

Sorry but this is the way…not the really code.


Ok so i dont really understand your response, but i figured out what i was doing wrong, i was needing to setup my relationships. Even though i added the relate field MySQL makes zero assumptions, which is nice, so i had to create the relationship between cases and the new module i created.

Ok so that didnt really solve the problem. I deployed my “Assets module” The problem still exists as this. The relationships exists between my assets module and contacts, and asset module and Cases. What i need to do in both assets and Cases, is use relate field to connect Assets to Contact or Case to assets. Same thing either way.

This is so we can assign Assets to the Cases at the time of creation without additional clicks/navigating to the assets sub-panel of the Case. So im not sure what i am missing when i add the relate field, to build the relationship between the case and the Asset. Further more, at time of save i need to be able to include all the asset details in an email to be sent.

I am hoping this can be done so that no matter which way you create the Case, either from the Asset module or from the Contact Module, it will auto fill the corresponding field as well. This would function the same way creating an invoice from the Contact module and it auto completes the Contact field.

I hope this makes sense. Appreciate any support.