Case Generation runaway

Seems the inbound mail scheduler running automatic case generation does a runaway with the auto reply e-mail.

Here is what seems to happen:

  • Our support e-mail address gets some junk e-mail
  • SuiteCRM sends an auto reply e-mail
  • The delivery of the auto reply fails causing the mail server to send an e-mail to the support e-mail address.
  • The delivery failed e-mail generates a new reply e-mail to the mail daemon which then replys with a send fail.

The above loops sending e-mails as fast as the SuiteCRM and the mail server can go.

Any suggestions ?

We could change the “From” address of the auto reply, but sometimes customers reply to this. We could make a code change to not send an auto reply e-mail to our mail server. We could look into changing the mail server to not send fail messages.

Has this happened to anyone else ?

Hhmm I remember reading someone with this same problem a few months ago.

I wonder what would be a nice way to make SuiteCRM’s auto-reply code more selective so as to avoid loops… but it might not be easy to distinguish a crazy server loop from a proper back-and-forth with a customer…

I have the same issue, autoreply make a undelivery faild and the mail delivery system return an new email about no address identify this is created as a new case and the auto reply go over the same process, I did a lot of think to stop the process. I want to know what is the effective way to stop teh delivery emails as well fix this issue.
There is not any information about this. I find this post but it has to years old.

Maybe a condition could be added - if the received email contains a string that we use for our auto-reply, then don’t auto-reply to it?

Thank, I solved this issue using a noreply email to manage all outbound emails.