Can't send emails 7.8.5


I have purchased a hosted solution with That is currently at version 7.8.5, and I have inquired about upgrading.

At this point, I have a couple of users set up, and I have configured a couple of email accounts each. To be clear, pulling down their emails appears to be working.

I can’t send.

I see 4 places where I have to configure emails: Admin>Email Settings, Admin>Inbound Email, Admin>Outbound Email, and per user Email>Settings.
Let’s consider them one by one.
In Admin>Email Settings, I have an SMTP account set up. When I click SEND TEST EMAIL, I get that email as expected.
In Inbound Email, I have one row showing for each account, for each user. They look to be OK. When I log in as each user, I see their emails.
In Outbound Email, I have some of these accounts defined. I am not sure if they are correct.
In each user’s Email Settings, I can configure various SMTP accounts. They appear to be the same as on the Outbound Email list.

Behaviour: I log in as a user, go to the Email and Compose. I select one of the accounts (the FROM field) and enter a message. Click SEND. I see a “PLEASE WAIT” message that includes an OK button. I do not click the OK button, and after a few moments, I get a Gateway Timeout.

In General, each user has 2 email addresses: one is an Office365 account and the other is a separate hosted email (not Exchange nor Gmail).

Also, I see 3 addresses in the FROM dropdown, two addresses I have configured and one more that includes the text “-My Settings”. Can you please clarify what that means?

Any advice of changes I need to make to be able to send emails?

Thanks so much.

Hello. Sorry to see you’re having problems with sending email.

Your problem is a bit strange indeed. …

Can you see anything in the logs that might serve as a clue? Please check both suitecrm.log and php_errors.log for ERROR or FATAL messages.

Was this working before, and now it’s broken? Or is this is your first attempt setting it up?