Can't see my Admin Panel ?

I’ve installed SuiteCRM through Softaculous & accessed my index.php page, now when I click on Admin, I don’t see any admin panel at, all except just a blank page with “Administration” written on top of it.

I’ve even uninstalled the CRM completely & installed it all again. Still the same problem.

Please help me to access the Admin panel.



Try this from an earlier post of mine:

I had the same issue:

I just installed 7.4.3 on a brand new VPS I had just provisioned. and admin was throwing a blank screen with no error messages:


  1. enable Error Reporting: go into your index.php file and add the following line: ini_set(‘display_errors’,1);
    Reason - find out if php is throwing any errors you may be unaware of"

  2. Reload SuiteCRM to pick up the Change: in my case the error when loading the Admin page: “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435465 bytes exhausted”

  3. Go into your PHP file an up your memory limit: Look for stanza - memory_limit = 128M and change to a high value until you get the results you want. In my case the original value was set to 32M which I changed to 128M.

Note: some of you may not have the ability to change if your on a shared hosting system.

  1. Make sure your remove the change the index.php when you are done.