Can't login with username password on 7.9.8

After installing SuiteCRM, when we returned to the timed out session we could not login. This happens on both admin and regular users. We have to click on reset password to get a login link. This happens every time.

You have been logged out because your session has expired.

Even when we clear the cache folder, the php sessions folder, the tracker table (saw this in the forum somewhere) and start incognito …

Our setup:
php 7.0.26 (fpm)
mysql 5.5.58
straight login - no LDAP or external providers

So here is your delayed first post :slight_smile:

But now you already know the answer.

Let me just write it here for anybody coming into this thread: you need to remove the SuitePImproved theme from Module Loader, or other add-ons that change the log in screen.

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Have you noticed any files missing after removing the SuiteP improved theme? We jsut restarted our CRM server and now we have lots of missing required files. “File does not exist on system: cache/themes/SuiteP/modules/AOS_Products/Popup.tpl” is an example. Not sure if the files have been held in cache until the restart possibly from the SuitePimproved folder rather than SuiteP which is not empty as a result of uninstalling

Does this sound feasible and have you seen this on your system?

You probably just need a few Repairs from Admin/Repair menu.

You can also delete the


folder, it will recreate itself.

Thanks for your reply, all help is appreciated.

I hope this doesn’t come across wrong, albeit how does one remove items from the module loader if one can’t log in?

I just updated last night, and this morning none of my staff can log in (we’re using SuitePImproved).

I tried the following solution from —>

[b]If you have access to the SugarCRM database, I would recommend executing these database queries, which should help address the issue:

update users set user_hash = ‘b5bb02a0461f8b7748c2166042e927a5’ where id = ‘1’;
update users set status = ‘Active’ where id = ‘1’;
update users set user_name = ‘admin’ where id =‘1’;

This updates the Users table, making the following changes:

  1. Change the password of user with ID = 1 to Sug@r$RM
  2. Make the user with ID = 1 ‘Active’, so they are able to login with the new password.
  3. Change the Username to ‘admin’ for user with ID = 1.

These queries should allow you to access the application, then you can change the Username and Password as needed.[/b]

The above didn’t help, and I guess it makes sense that it won’t if it’s a theme issue.

Any and all help is appreciated.

The advice to remove SuitePImproved was for people getting “your password has expired” problems when logging in. This means they could log in, only it was annoying.

More recently I’ve seen other people with the same problem as yours: can’t login at all. The fix you mention from SugarCRM is just a password replacement, it doesn’t relate to this issue.

Some suggestions:

  1. try adding the SuitePImproved theme to “disabled_themes” in config.php

  2. Try the new SuitePImproved version released today, which addresses this issues and makes it compatible with 7.9.8. You might not be able to install it from module installer, but it should work if you unzip it and just overwrite the existing files with the new ones.

Please make backups and be careful, these are hacks and I can’t guarantee they won’t make things worse… proceed at your own risk.


I installed SuiteCRM and downloaded SuitePImproved today, and experienced the same problems with the login screen, needed 5 or 6 attempts at logging back in after logging out.

I have simply removed the login.tpl file from SuitePImproved/tpls , and that seems to have fixed it. The login screen doesn’t look as slick but it works.

Hopefully there’s no other problems with the improved theme, as it’s much better than the standard theme to work with. (The original classic SugarCRM beats them both hands down! )


We did solved the problem and have released the new SuitePImprovedTheme for version 7.9.8

  1. If you are able to login as admin in the CRM, uninstall the SuitePImprovedTheme and reinstall the one available SuiteP Improved theme package for Version 7.9.8.
  2. add ‘disabled_themes’ => ‘SuitePImproved’, in you config.php after you are logged in remove the same line from the config.php and then perform the step1

Let us know if need any assistance

Team Urdhva Tech

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