Can't login after new upgrade

Hello all.

I installed SuiteCRM 7.2.2 via Installation appeared to go smoothly, and I can see that it created the expected files and database tables.

When I try to login, I simply get bounced right back to the login page. There’s no error message, it just fails silently.

Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

  • Verified that the username and password hash in the database match what I have
  • Verified that PHP can write to the session dir (it’s writing to /tmp, which returns True for is_writable(), and also there are PHP session files in there not generated by SuiteCRM, so I feel pretty confident that that’s okay).
  • Verified that I have plenty of disk space.

When I get bounced back to the login screen, there is a very brief flash of a large block of text below the login form, but I haven’t been able to actually read it (even tried poking around in the web inspector, but it seems like it’s being dynamically added/removed from the DOM because I can’t find it).

The server is running PHP 5.5.35.

I’d really appreciate any insight you guys could offer. Thanks!