Can't get suiteCRM to email users for Account Activiation

We have a knowledgeable computer guy getting suiteCRM ready for our small business to use.
He has it installed on our Windows 7 Professional PC and can log on as admin. (He is working remotely via Team Viewer)

This PC is on our Peer-to-Peer network and is not running server software… it is just another computer on our p2p network… except its only use is to act as a “network drive” and to run IIS for our intranet… and now to host suiteCRM (if I understand the suiteCRM installation correctly)

The problem:

  • As I understand it… after he sets up user accounts he can not get suiteCRM to send them the Account Activiation email.
  • We use Godaddy online email and do not use Outlook… so that is what he was attempting to setup for our users email.
  • He has also tested it using his own gmail account but no joy.
    Can anyone give us any idea of what to try next.
    Thanks for any help.

Have you set up a system outbound email?