can't edit Labels in studio in "Users" in SuiteCRM 7.1.1

hi. in SuiteCRM 7.1.1 can’t edit Label in studio for “users”. in another module can edit any labels without problems. for example if i write “zzz” and saving this(on pic), the label be the same again “Adress City”(on pic).

If i creating new field i cant change label for field. for example test_c on pic… Label only LBL_TEST

in SuiteCRM 7.0 works correctly

Hi there,

Your attachments aren’t showing. What permissions are set on your SuiteCRM instance? What is your Server/MySQL/PHP setup?



hosting siteground
unix/PHP 5.3.28/MySQL: 5.5.32-31.0(Percona Server)

755 all files and folders, except
775 cache custom modules themes data upload config_override.php
fresh instalation of 7.1.1 admin admin

second configuration home server
windows 7/php 5.3.28/MySQL 5.5.37/Apache 2.2.27
the same problem with label editing

Is your owner/group set correctly for your setup? Can you confirm this with your host?

yes, everything is configured correctly.

This problem only in module “users” on 7.1.1 in another module i can edit any label

on 7.0.2 everything works correctly on the same set for my setup. with the same permissions for folders and files.

the same on home server. maybe you recommend another version PHP?


I’ve encountered the same problem (LAMP with suitecrm-max 7.1.2), I couldn’t edit Labels for the specific module Users.
sugarcrm.log said “ERROR: mkdir_recursive(): argument custom/modules/Users/language is already a file”.

I have solved the problem by renaming the file language.php in language_old.php. After that the first modification of a label succeded and produced a language directory in the path custom/modules/Users

I don’t know honestly if this is a good solution but it might help.

Best regards

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I deleted custom/modules/Users/language file.
Why SuiteCrm have the 'custom/modules/Users/language ’ file?
‘custom/modules/Users/language’ file is not use by another module?

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