Can't edit a SubPanel layout

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could offer any suggestions as to what’s going on here.
I’m trying to add a field to a SubPanel layout in Studio, but every time I try to do this, the fields get reset when I click Save and Deploy.

I’ve attached a video of what’s going on.

I can’t see anything in any of the logs.
I’m running SuiteCRM 7.8.2, PHP 5.6.30, with Percona (MySQL) 5.7, fronted by Nginx on a Centos 6.x server.


On closer inspection, this seems to only be affecting the Project Tasks subpanel.
I can add and remove fields from other subpanels.

Hey… This is over a year old, but did you ever work out what’s going on?

I have same issue :frowning: