Can't create opportunities for targets/leads (or link leads/targets to them)


Another post as I transition from Base to SuiteCRM.

My ideal workflow is:

  1. Create target
  2. If Target is qualified through a call or email:
  3. Convert Target to Lead, and create associated Opportunity and Account at that time.

There is no option when creating a Target or converting a Target to a Lead to create an Opportunity, nor does there seem to be the ability to create an Opportunity, and then link a Target/Lead to it afterwards.

Surely I’m doing something wrong, as creating opportunities tied to leads is pretty typical. I understand if it’s not possible with Targets, but that’s how I like to work.

Thank you

I don’t know too much about this, but it does seem like the Opportunity module is designed to work more with the Contacts module, not Leads. The reasoning would be that once someone is your customer, you already have him as a Contact, to benefit from the full contact history, etc.

So you could consider whether you can do what you do now with Leads, doing it in the Contacts module instead.

If not, maybe you can explore

  • creating a relationship between Leads and Opportunities in Studio, and see how it works.


  • playing with workflows to create Opportunity when Lead is saved, or when it reaches a certain stage