Can't change subpanel list view


We have module: “Product Categories”
That modul have relationship with “Products” (one to many)

When I try to change list view in subpanek of “Products” nothing happened, it doesn’t change nothing. Just bring back last config.

Does anobody have the same bug?

I would recommend checking the permissions on your CRM are correct.

What version are you on?



I can confirm this is working as expected in 7.5.3.

That was nice advice, but

chmod -R 775 /var/www/suitecrm 

didn’t help

My version 7.5

What is your environment/server set up? you may need to run more permissions, and also set permissions in config.php in the ‘default_permissions’ parameter and also run a Quick Repair & Rebuild after doing so.



My setup is Debian 8.0, and that is single case of such problem in whole CRM. All other subpanels/lists/etc works fine.

1)“also set permissions in config.php” - I have line: ‘default_permissions’ =>
what I need to do here?
2)" you may need to run more permissions" - done (chmod -R 777 /var/www/suitecrm)
3)“Quick Repair & Rebuild after doing so.” - done

Did not help

Any other options to fix a problem?

Could please someone tell me where is location of files with “subpanel list view”?
So I can edit that list manually, not via web site GUI.