Can't change Dashlet in Studio

Hi, on a
SuiteCRM 7.1.4 in Studio > Accounts > Layouts > Sugar Dashlet > Sugar Dashlet ListView i see that when i drag and drop a field that when i click “Save & Deploy”
i lose what i’ve done.

Even if i click on “View History” and i choose “Preview” and then “Restore” on a configuration i choose, when i click “Save & Deploy” i see all fields coming back to previsous positions under Available or Hidden columns.

I tried on Firefox and Chrome. I deleted browser cache, i did “Quick repair” and “Rebuild Sugar Dashlets”.

What can be done?

I would highly recommend upgrading, as 7.1.4 is an old release.

Hey Will,

I too am impacted by this same issue running 7.2.1. I have also noticed some SQL issues when attempting to deploy new custom Modules, the module deploys but a Quick Repair blows up with SQL that was not able to execute. I was planning on going to 7.2.2 for the custom module issue and will see of the dashlets issue is resolved as well.

Okay 7.2.2 fixed my custom module issue I had in 7.2.1 but the Dashlet issue in this thread is still impacting. Essentially when you drag over available or hidden fields they look to take until you deploy them then they revert to available or hidden. The Dashlet search will not even allow available or hidden items to be dragged over.