Can't add/move a dashlet to right hand side of Home page.

If the dashlets on the right hand side are deleted so all dashlets are in now in one column, it is not possible to add or move a dashlet back into the right hand side. They can only be added to the sing;le column on the left hand side.


I had this problem and solved it by collapsing the menu on the left (with the recently used items and favorites) and then trying to drag dashlets to the right-hand column (to the very top of the column).

A few other loose ideas:

There is also a “Repair dashlets” function in Admin->Repair, you might want to try that.

Also check if a newly created user gets a working homepage or not.

You might also want to tell us which version you’re using.

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That was it! Drag the dashlet to the very top of the right hand column.

BTW, I’m on Suite 7.5.3 (upgraded)