Cant add email when creating new user

SuiteCRM version: 7.11.15
Sugar Versión 6.5.25 (Compilación 344)
Browser: Google Chrome Versión 84.0.4147.105

Hi all,

since upgrading SuiteCRM from 7.11.8 to 7.11.15 i cant add a email when creating a new user.
Any clue?

Thank you in advance,



I’ve ran through the upgrade there locally and haven’t been able to replicate

After upgrading, i’d recommend running a “Quick Repair and Build” and “Rebuild JS Grouping Files”
(These can be found in Admin->Repair)

Then, re-setting file/folder permissions on the CRM, the following is typically recommended:

sudo chmod -R 755 .
sudo chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload
sudo chown -R www-data:www-data .

(replacing www-data with your web server user, if it is not www-data)

If you do the above, and hard-refresh your browser, does this have any positive effect?

If not, it might be worth checking the suitecrm.log or upgradeWizard.log, and see if any errors appear that seem relevant?