Can't add Dashlets


we’ve just installed our first instance of SuiteCRM v7.7.4 and we’re experiencing some problems we’re hoping someone can help us with.

  1. we can remove but can’t add Dashlets. When we click on the ‘Add Dashlets’ button on the home page, nothing happens.

  2. we can create tabs, but new tabs show this notice:
    “Notice: Undefined index: server_unique_key in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\SuiteCRM\include\MySugar\retrieve_dash_page.php on line 275”

  3. When we click on some screens, we get warnings and notices such as the Calendar (pls see attached). How do we suppress these messages?

  4. we can’t change the ‘logo’. If we try to upload a logo from System Settings > Current Logo, the wait circle shows indefinitely.

We’ve run the Repair and Diagnostics tools but still having problems. We’re Running Win 2012 R2, IIS 7, and SQL Express 2016.


those are warnings you can disable them in your webserver configuration, and for things like when you click and nothing happens you need to check your logs in order to find the cause of it

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Hi mikebeck,

thanks for replying. The Dashlets started working and the notices went away after I turned ‘display_errors = Off’ in the php.ini file.

Uploading a new logo now gives me a message saying that the file must be jpg or png. Weird because I’ve tried both. This is a minor issue though and I am not too worried about it.

Thanks again.

Hello, update. I rebuilt the server and we’re no longer having problems with Dashlets.
I guess building the server the second time around was a slightly more focused effort as we originally had issues with PhP. Either way, the server seems much happier now.


I have a similar problem. When i add a dashlet nothing happes and when i add a tab i receive this error message

Notice: Undefined index: server_unique_key in /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/apps/suitecrm/htdocs/include/MySugar/retrieve_dash_page.php on line 294

What i have to do to solve this problem? I don’t know in which php file i have to make changes to solve it.

Please help me…thanks

I had this problem and was able to solve it.

Go to admin > System Definitions

Disable: Show Stack Trace Errors

Using SuiteCRM 7.8.24; php 5.6.39 on Ubuntu 16.04