Can't add dashlets in SuiteCRM version 7.2.3

I have just noticed that I can no longer add dashlets

I searched for a solution and permissions and php version have been mentioned

It isn’t a permission problem and I’m on PHP version 5.3.3

I don’t get a JavaScript error

Any help on how to fix this would be much appreciated



I have an old instance of version 7.2.2 on my system and the dashlets work on that

Is it possible to get hold of the 7.2.3 download so I can try a clean installation of 7.2.3 and see if that works


Please help

My users are complaining

Hi Mike,

A full list(or the majority of) all SuiteCRM full installers and upgrades are available on the projects SourceForge site.



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This is now fixed

Caused by my code

I added a file to custom/metadata

The file had a closing php tag ?>

Taking that out fixed adding dashlets

In my case the problem was that in file


there were some files included from path ( custom/metadata/xxx_yyy.php ) causing this issue. Be removing related source files from /var/www/crm/custom/metadata and Repairing you should be ok.

This is related to custom modules relationships