Can't add condition on report

Hi All,

I added a variable, priority to the contacts module, with the values of high, medium and low.
I’ve populated some, but not all the contacts.
I’ve come to create a report, that lists only the high priority contacts, but I can’t add the condition, as under condition I get “add Parenthesis” I get this

It looks like the a suite problem, any suggestions?

Hi there,

To Add Fields and Conditions to a Report, all you need to do it expand the “Contacts” section under “Module Tree” to the left

Then, under “Fields (Contacts)”, you should see all Contact fields

Then, Click (or drag), the field you want to add into the “Conditions” section, and you should be able to change the parameters on it

If you do the above, are you able to add conditions?

You can find some more in-depth info on reports here:

Also, to note, you can drag the “Insert Parenthesis” option into the Conditions panel.
This allows you to add group together clusters of conditons, like so:

Unless, do you mean that you are completely unable to add conditions?
(ie: Clicking/dragging the field into “Conditions” doesn’t work?)

Hi John,

That was it I was being thick, thanks for the hep and have a good weekend :slight_smile:

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Hey JulianHarmer,

Haha, no worries!
Glad you’ve got it sorted :slight_smile: