Can't Access Email Options or Add Attachments


I’m running Suite 7.8.2. When I am in the email module I can neither access the email OPTIONS tab nor the ATTACH tab. Clicking on either of them does nothing. I have pop-ups enabled from my browser setting, and other popups in Suite work fine. Is there a script I need to change or a permission I need to a particular script? No error is generated in the log. Absolutely nothing happens.

Also, and not sure if this is a related issue. as the system administrator. I have set up a system email address for all my users, as well as a (different) user email address for myself. However, I am not given any option to toggle between the email addresses from the compose email dropdown menu. Only the user email address appears. If I change my user email address to match the system address, I can send it from that email address, however the name associated with it and seen by the recipient is my user name.

Screen shot below