Cannot upgrade from 7.10 to 7.12 with File Module from Module Builder

Hello community.
I have a SuiteCRM 7.10.35 that I’m trying to upgrade to 7.12.2

However during the install I get this error.

[Thu Jan 20 12:28:43.684319 2022] [php7:error] [pid 2860:tid 844] [client] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method File::File() in C:\website\Apps\Sugarcrm\htdocs\modules\wzDoc_AdminDocs\wzDoc_AdminDocs_sugar.php:78\nStack trace:\n#0 C:\website\Apps\Sugarcrm\htdocs\modules\wzDoc_AdminDocs\wzDoc_AdminDocs.php(44): wzDoc_AdminDocs_sugar->wzDoc_AdminDocs_sugar()\n#1 C:\website\Apps\Sugarcrm\htdocs\data\BeanFactory.php(123): wzDoc_AdminDocs->wzDoc_AdminDocs()\n#2 C:\website\Apps\Sugarcrm\htdocs\data\BeanFactory.php(254): BeanFactory::getBean(‘wzDoc_AdminDocs’)\n#3 C:\website\Apps\Sugarcrm\htdocs\modules\ACL\install_actions.php(52): BeanFactory::newBean(‘wzDoc_AdminDocs’)\n#4 C:\website\Apps\Sugarcrm\htdocs\modules\UpgradeWizard\index.php(277): include(‘C:\\website\\Apps…’)\n#5 C:\website\Apps\Sugarcrm\htdocs\include\MVC\View\SugarView.php(823): include_once(‘C:\\website\\Apps…’)\n#6 C:\website\Apps\Sugarcrm\htdocs\include\MVC\View\views\view.classic.php(72): SugarView->includeClassicFile(‘modules/Upgrade…’)\n#7 C:\website\Apps\Sugarcrm\htdocs\include\MVC\View\SugarView.php(211): ViewClass in C:\website\Apps\Sugarcrm\htdocs\modules\wzDoc_AdminDocs\wzDoc_AdminDocs_sugar.php on line 78, referer:

I have confirmed that when I remove my custom module I can do the upgrade.
However when I use the module builder to recreate it then when I try to deploy it I get that same message.
My customer module isn’t anything fancy it is just the file module with a different name.

When I used the module builder I added a new package, gave it a name and a key. I created a new module. I gave it a name, label, check importing and Selected the file type. I hit save. I then went back to the package and pressed publish.

Windows 7 64

Apache 2.4.52

mysql 5.7.35

Php 7.3.33

I have attempted upgrading from 7.10.35 to 7.12.0 and that also didn’t work
I also tried updating PHP to 7.4.27 and that didn’t help either.

If someone has suggestions on what to do I would appreciate the help.

This happens for modules created with Module Builder on old versions of SuiteCRM or SugarCRM that use deprecated PHP constructors

Replacing File::File(); by parent::__construct(); should solve the problem

Hi blqt

Thanks for the reply.
I couldn’t find a file::file(); in my php files but I did find parent::file(); When I replaced parent::file(); with parent::__construct(); I was able to upgrade my system.

Thank you for the help