Cannot store invoices, offers, calendars

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installation worked great. what does not work is saving the invoices, offers … everywhere where there is a date … the date format 23.12.2010 was installed.
when i try to save, i get the following error: undefined start date … in the config the “datef” entry looks like this … a change in unfortunately did not lead to any changes.

saving works only in 12/23/2010 date format

this is what happens when I want to delete events from the widget

Anyone got any ideas?

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In Admin / Diagnostics / phpinfo do your timezone settings look correct?

If not, you need to change your php.ini to fix that.

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this looks normal

Ideas? In Germany nobody can do anything with this date sequence :slight_smile:

What is your version of SuiteCRM? And of PHP?

What is the collation in your database? You can check with phpMyAdmin, look for general database settings.

Do you see any FATAL or ERROR messages in your logs? Or anything date-related?

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the PHP version is the PHP version 7.4.2


the following errors still appear, but according to the forum they are to be ignored, right?

Mon Mar 23 19:17:58 2020 [9615][1][FATAL] Mysqli_query failed.
Mon Mar 23 19:17:58 2020 [9615][1][FATAL] Query Failed: select * from versions: MySQL error 1146: Table ‘d031a657.versions’ doesn’t exist

Thank you very much for your commitment :slight_smile:

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all FATALs should be solved, because if SuiteCRM crashes at some point, it might not be finishing whatever it was trying to do, and problem may arise later.

Anyway, my main advice is to downgrade your PHP to something that falls inside what is required here:

You are running an unsupported version of PHP…

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it looks good :slight_smile:

thank you very much. i hope with the progress of the experience that i can help the others as well :slight_smile:

best regards and thank you very much …

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