Cannot select any mailbox in Email Marketing in a campaign

I created a system SMTP mailbox for sending in the Administration/Email Settings section, and checked “Allow users to use this account for outgoing email”.

Yet when I create a campaign, and create an Email Marketing entry, under “Use Mailbox” the select shows “-none-” - it does not show the system SMTP mailbox to send, or any mailbox.

I also tried to set up a mailbox for this user, under Activities/Email/Settings/Mail Accounts.

But nothing shows up when I try to send to a campaign? :unsure:

This is SuiteCRM 7.3.2 installed from the Bitnami VMware image, which includes Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit.

OK, I guess I must be the only one here that didn’t know you must create a “bounce” mailbox before you can send out. And no one bothered to say anything?

That’s ok. I can read PHP and debug stuff too.

I’m using SendGrid, which already does bounce processing. Bounces will not even come back.

I kept trying and trying, and instead of manually creating the Campaign (I’m used to doing this in SugarCRM) I decided to try the Campaign Wizard.

Then it told me that I needed a bounce mailbox. Why? No idea. As I said, SendGrid handles the bounces for me, I don’t actually need a bounce mailbox.

But hey, I created a dummy one that will never be used, because the software requires one.

As far as I can tell, there is no documentation anywhere that says this. :S

I searched and searched before I posted my question in the first place.

I pity the next user that stumbles onto this!

This was the reason I gave up on SuiteCRM the first goaround, and went to SugarCRM, which, yes, I know is the basis for SuiteCRM. But its email just worked no problem. And they have documentation! What brought me back was simply the superior mobile device support. Not the ease-of-use.

To set up emails for campaigns you have to follow the same procedure as with SugarCRM: except the interface nothing has changed.

Click on Marketing->Campaigns and once in the Campaigns ListView click on “Setup email” on the left side vertical menu (if it is hidden unhide it and then click).

I also recommend that, before launching an email campaign, you first read the manual and prepare all the things you need. For example you have to create a cron job and, if you want to change the interval for sending emails, you have to change the email campaign scheduler under Admin->Schedulers.
You have to prepare your email templates with all the trackers and have your landing pages prepared, etc.
You should prepare a test target list, …

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I did set up the cron job beforehand, and it seems to be working.

But I’ll go back and read the manual. B)