Cannot see list of Outbound Email Servers when editing user settings

I’ve spun up Ubuntu 16, MariaDB, PHP7, and SuiteCRM 7.9.7 with no real issues.

I am new to SuiteCRM. I want to implement Suite which will have 100 users, who are sales people. I need all users to use separate email accounts. These accounts are company owned and I manage them from Exchange Server Online.

They must send Authenticated email using or and their email/password.

I configured Admin>Email Settings and sent a test email. Everything works great.

Now I need to set SMTP and credentials and assign them to each user individually.

Two things I am having trouble with:
How exactly do you do this. It feels like it should be in user settings under Outbount SMTP Servers, but I actually select any of them.

When I go to Admin>User Management>Edit User>Settings>Mail Accounts>Outbound SMTP Servers
Click Add
Enter values, click Done
I get no errors, but the list of SMTP Servers does not populate. The only one there is the System. If I look at the database table Outbound_Email the record is created. The only way I can see them populate on that page is if I am EDITING the original account created during installation. Every other user I create, even admin users cannot see any Outbound SMTP Server on that page.

I can also see them under Admin>Outbound Email Settings
But not Admin>User Management>Edit User>Settings>Mail Accounts>Outbound SMTP Servers
Unless, like I said, I’m editing the settings of the original account created during SuiteCRM install.

As a side note. I spun up an instance of SuiteCRM on Godaddy using their installitron app aside from this instance. And I do not experience this problem on that instance. I also have a demo instance from a development company who I am considering helping me, and I do not have this problem on their instance either. Although, I do have problem 1) on all instances. I can’t figure out how to set individual SMTP Credentials.