Cannot load DB Manager - Installation problem

I am having trouble installing the latest version of SuiteCRM (7.2.1) on my Mac OS X (10.9.5) laptop. A search through Google and these forums don’t provide me with any solution.
I downloaded SuiteCRM and extracted it to the htdocs folder of my MAMP (3.2) directory. I have set the rights of the folders as specified in the ‘install.php’ run. However when it comes to the database section (Step 5 - Database configuration) I always get a ‘Cannot load DB Manager’ error. In the sugarcrm.log file I get 'Tue May 19 11:33:56 2015 [11602][-none-][FATAL] unable to load DB manager for: '.

do you have anything else running on MAMP which requires the db to run ? and does it work ?

might be worth looking at the php error log to see if there is anything else there.


I need to start the MySQL server before I installing SuiteCRM (can’t find a way to get the MySQL server running everytime I boot up the Mac) but other than that there is nothing more required. I created the ‘suitecrm’ db just for SuiteCRM, I can open it with phpMyAdmin but currently it doesn’t contain any tables.

The php_error.log has over 200 lines of ‘PHP Strict Standards’ and ‘PHP Deprecated’ statements, e.g. an extract from the log:

These are just warnings which are nothing to worry about.

This issue has been seen before heres another post which might help you get to the bottom of it.

I have seen that but the rights of the folders haven’t changed since I last set them again yesterday.
The rights settings that I have are as follows: myself can read and write, admin can read and write, everyone can read
I haven’t setup any groups as it is just myself using the laptop.

B) Solved. I just needed to enable cookies for http://localhost/SuiteCRM.

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