cannot generate PDFs

:frowning: There seems to be a problem with AOS 5.3.3 module and the invoices/quotes on SugarCRM.

I am using SugarCRM CE 6.5.23, with MySQL 5.5.28.

I just did a clean install of AOS 5.3.3 , and created templates for a customer letter, invoice & quote, assigned them the correctr type and made sure they are active.

It seems that something is not correct with invoices/quotes that is notable, as when I create one of these templates, i cannot see any fields displayed on the “Insert field” options (which displays the fields without an issue when creating a contact letter template).
Of course, also I cannot make the system generate a PDF for quotes/invoices and I receive the “No templates found. If you have created an invoice…” error message.

I know this might be a simple issue, but i have been stuck for months and months trying to make AOS work and my employers aren’t happy at all :(.
Any help will be much appreciated.