Cannot drag & drop or edit dashlets in Suite Dashboard area

Hi there

I’ve recently installed latest version of SuiteCRM - looks fantastic.

Seem to have one problem relating to the dashlets on the Suite Dashboard (the individual summary areas) - cannot edit, refresh or drag these areas. (see screen shot)

I’ve switched to using other PHP version but still cannot edit. Plus still not working in different browsers. Also checked and re-checked file and folder permissions.

Would love some ideas about what is causing the issue / how to fix

Many thanks

Is this specific to browser? Can you clear your cache/refresh the homepage?

Can you use the browser ‘Inspect Element’ functionality to see if there is an element overlapping the button elements?



I’ve cleared cache + used a couple of different browsers.

On inspecting the elements see this code:

Don’t think overlapping elements ?

I’ve viewed what is going on in Chrome Developer tools (see screenshot) possible issues with calls to .JS files? Is this hosting or file permissions??

Hi there,

Yes, I would check your permissions.

If you search the forums for permissions, you’ll find plenty of posts with recommendations on values to set.



Spot-on!! Looks like a file permissions issue - did initial file permission vis FTP client - and did not realise that the permissions applied to files as well as folders. Thanks again - now to get stuck-in and see what this much talked about CRM can do… tthanks again - great support