Cannot display all emails listed in inbox

The inbox shows around 1800 emails but the scroll bar only allows me to view the top 50 or so. Sorting on date shows that all the emails are present. How can I scroll through all 1800 emails - it looks like there should be a page selection box ?


I have found the small marker in the first left hand column (between From and Red ! ) in the inbox - clicking this displays the next page, although no pagination information appears that I can see.

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I was wrong - the button that I found simply changes record sequence.

I am unable to see the pagination buttons that appear in Sugar ( see attached )

Please can someone explain how you get pagination for incoming emails in SuiteCRM.


This post refers to this issue in 7.2 and states the solution is a .css margin change. However I have tried this in 7.4.3 to no effect.

The above post does solve the problem provided you edit the correct .css file !

Here is the path /themes/SuiteR/css and the file is, as the post says, bootstrap.min.css

.pagination margin -20px 0;

And then lovely pagination buttons appear ( see screenshot ) - fantastic !

it seems it doesn’t work in the SuiteP theme…

I found in another thread :

Normally 10 - 20- 50 (Emails / Setttings Emails per Page).
50 is too little is you compare with unlimited with Outlook
Added 500 in dropdown: email_settings_num_dom
Select 500 in emails per page & save -> from now on your scroll window is 500

it works as partial solution.

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