Cannot create new PDF templates and edit old PDF templates in 7.8.7 (Sugar Version 6.5.25)


Edit an NEW PDF Templates return a blank page.
Ajax is disabled for this module.
PHP 7.0

When i click PDF template a list of my templates is showed, and the content is showed when i view these templates, but:

Edit template returns a blank page.
New template also returns a blank page
And duplicated also return a blank page

I first mentioned this after upgrade to 7.9
I removed these files and restored my backupfiles (not the database) and made te upgrade to 7.8.7
But this issue stayed.

Help needed.

Br, Martijn

You can try checking your logs.

Blank pages are usually PHP Fatal errors, you should have something in php_errors.log.

I have same issue, what was the resolution?