Cannot create LDAP encryption key - requires php_mcrypt.dll


Can anyone help with this little issue. I need to create an LDAP encryption key as we are using LDAP authentication for our users and I need the encryption key so that some users can use the Outlook plugin. Problem is the suitecrm admin page is complaining that its missing the php_mcrypt.dll. I’m using php7 on IIS and when I run phpinfo I can see that the mcrypt libraries are loaded and enabled. mcrypt was built into php from version 5.x.x (not sure which version it was) so there is no dll to add into the php.ini anymore. How can I get this to work in suitecrm? Any ideas?

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I don’t know about IIS but in Apache you need to activate the mod

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Doesn’t look to be any option other than in php itself to enable it which according to phpinfo looks to be loaded and enabled.

I’m having the same issue in a LAMP environment. Page declares: “The php_mcrypt extension must be enabled in your php.ini file.”

Yet it ABSOLUTELY is installed and enabled.

What’s the trick here to get this working?

I saw another thread that suggests changing references to mcrypt_cbc to mcrypt_encrypt and mcrypt_decrypt, but is that REALLY what people will have to do? This is due to a deprecation within PHP7, yet PHP7 is supposedly “supported”.

If this is the problem - PHP7 doesn’t sound like it should be supported?

Hey there,
I got exactly the same issue.
Is there a possibility to use Outlook with LDAP, yet?

I have mcrypt enabled but still can’t set any value in admin->password management. It says:

The php_mcrypt extension must be enabled in your php.ini file.

Hi Everyone,

I have made a pull request to help correct this issue. It requires that you have the openssl extension enabled and configured.

PHP has deprecated the mcrypt library. So we need to use an other library. OpenSSL seems to be the preferred choice.

Since I do not have old passwords and keys set up. I need some volunteers to check this against encryption keys which have been generated with mcrypt.

There is a potential issue with keys that are short vs keys that are long.

Can anyone please verify my fix?