Cannot change the lead name in leads.


I’m importing a bunch of leads. Which has account info, but not names. So in the Last Name(mandatory) field, I input “AA” as name. Since I do not know the name of the person at the moment before doing Cold Calls.
So after doing the calls, I need to change the names in the “Name” field in edit mode. But after double clicking and changing the name. It just revert to the “AA” name I put in the first place.

I’m trying to google for the problem and can only find the following link for SugarCRM.

I tried to follow the steps, by exporting the leads, clear out the ID field, import it again with create/update option. I’m still getting the same problems.

I also tried to log in the DB via phpmyadmin and tried to clear out the ID field in the “accounts” table for one record to test and still experiencing the same problem. I cannot update the “Name” field in leads.

I’m running:

  • SuiteCRM Version 7.10.7
  • php 7.2
  • Apache 2.4.27
  • Maria DB 10.x

Can you please point me to the right direction ?

Thanks !

The Last Name of ALL Leads is “AA” where you don’t know the Names? Did you checked the Leads list view to know how many Leads actually got imported?
If you are renaming or updating a Relate field in Edit View, its better to edit the Parent Record in its own Edit View.
If its the Last Name field of the Lead that you are changing and it reverts back, did you check the change log and DB to see if the change actually happened?

Do you have any Logic hooks or workflows related to Accounts/Leads that might be overriding the changes?

Just found out the problem. I clicked on the Name in the leads list instead of the “edit” icon. Thus the problem of resetting the Name when I tried to changed it. Thanks again for your help.