Cannot access System Settings in 7.10

After upgrading from 7.10RC to 7.10 Stable I cannot access the System settings in the admin panel. I am currently getting the following error:

[FATAL] Error: File [modules/Configurator/metadata/editviewdefs.php] is missing. Unable to create because no corresponding HTML file was found.

I’ve looked in the Github code and cannot find the editviewdefs.php file in in the following repositories 7.10, 7.9 or 7.8.

Has anyone else had this challenge and if so were you able to resolve?

PHP 7.0

I believe this is what you need

Thanks @Pgr,

I followed the linked instructions to do the upgrade but I failed to reupload the Configurator module from 7.10, after I replaced the 7.9 with 7.10 version of the configurator folder. I now have access to system settings.