Cannot access empty property in MassAssign Error on fresh install

Hello everyone ,

i am trying ti implement the Hierarchy Setup here

i have created 3 roles

  • manager [ with all permission ]
  • team lead [ with group permission ]
  • executive [ with owner permission ]

i have enable only accounts and leads module for all these roles

i have list of user like this


  • team lead 1
    - person 1
    - person 2
  • team lead 2
    - person 3
    - person 4

so for implementing this Hierarchy Setup i have created 2 groups like

  • sales team 1 [ with user person 1, person 2 , team lead 1 ]
  • sales team 2 [ with users person 3, person 4 and team lead 2 ]

and after that i have mapped

  • user Manager to Role :- manager [ this role have All permission for leads and accounts ]

  • users team lead 1 and team lead 2 to Role :- team lead [ this roles have group permission for accounts and leads modules ]

  • Role executive to group sales team 1 and sales team 2

after this i went to leads to assign lead to group

But when i click on assign i am getting this error

Cannot access empty property in /var/www/suitecrm7.1.1/modules/SecurityGroups/MassAssign.php on line 92

i open this file its showing error

with this block


i freshly install sugar in this its showing this error

how can i fix this error

or is there any other way to set up Hierarchy ???

can any one please help me with this ??? :S :S :S :S