Can we locally host on Peer-to-Peer Win10 network?

Small business here with Windows 10 peer-to-peer network. One PC is shared for all file storage (we call it the “Network Drive” and it is automatically backed up)

  • We also use our “Network Drive” to host Microsoft Access Data Base back-end with Access client front-end on each users PC.
  • We are too small right now to pay for cloud hosting.
    -The Question:
    Can we locally host SuiteCRM with the back-end and all the data on our “Network Drive” and with client Front-End" software on each users PC?
    Or, in the absence of a “real” server will every user have their own data on their own PC? (Unacceptable to us as we loose control of the data)
    Thanks for any help.

sure you can, my development environment is Win 10 and I get local (network) users to test my modifications before pushing it in production.
we are also testing new SuiteCRM version for accessibility (many of my users are blind or very low vision) using this setup.

you need to setup Internet Information Service (IIS) on the “server machine” and a database server (not Access to my knowledge) mysql would do the trick and is free too…