Can we disable edit option for other user's

Hi Team,
Can we disable edit option for other user’s that are not verified that contract, only enable edit button for verified user’s and admin.
For example:- Vishal verified 456 contracts, so he only edit that 456 contracts not other user’s edit 456 contracts and admin can edit.
Is there any possibility via code customization in contract module. so kindly help me.

If I am not wrong, you could use role management for it.

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Hi rsp,
Your concept is right but contract verified by field is not related field like not related with user it is just a text field in which user write their name. So how i lock specific contract that verified by particular user.

I change the datatype of “contractverifiedby_c” textfield into relate field and that field is relate with user’s module.
But when we restrict with Role managment,it only work with Assigned to field it not work with Relate field.
How we apply same thing in our field also then it manage.

Sorry, I don’t know. How to do it. Maybe the following link will help you.