Can’t reach SAVE button on Pop-Up

I am trying to change the columns shown on the “My Leads” Dashlet

When I hit the edit icon, it opens a pop-u window, and it’s easy to change the columns, but the SAVE button at the bottom isn’t visible - and when I scroll, the page behind the pop-up scrolls instead of the pop-up window.

This happens on both my iPhone (6.5+) and my MacBook Air laptop. My desktop monitor is huge, and the SAVE button is available. But changing the columns shown on my desktop doesn’t change them for my phone or desktop.

Big thank you to anyone who can help me with this!

Hi, welcome.

What is your SuiteCRM version?

I can see the behavior you describe in one test system I have, but not in the live demo (user:will, pass: will)

This is really strange… I notice that if the Dashlet is further down in the page, the lower the settings dialog will appear. If I drag the same dashlet all the way up to the top, then when I click the pencil icon, the settings appear normally. :huh:

Anyway, I don’t understand something else. You write that changing the settings in your desktop doesn’t change on the other devices? If you’re logging in with the same user, the settings should save. Don’t open them all at once. Just open the desktop and change the Dashlet settings, and log out. Then log into one of the other devices with the same user, you should see the changed dashlet…

It might help to run Admin / Repairs / Rebuild Dashlets cache.

Thank you for the reply!

I tried again, and the same thing was happening… I tried another browser, same thing, and a third browser (Safari) and with this browser, I could see just a very little bit more of the button, enough to click it. And that worked. Now I see the change on all windows.

I think before I did have myself logged in from all three places, I’ll try each separately if I have a similar issue again.

I am running Suite CRM Version 7.11.8 - is this the latest version?

Thank you for your help!

Yes 7.11.8 is the latest, though 7.11.9 should be coming out this week or the next.

The problem with having all 3 logged in is that you don’t know which one will get its settings saved last, and that’s what will apply the next time you log in anywhere. That’s why I recommended logging in only on one when you want to make changes for all of them, and make them stick.

Hey Kristin, nice to see you on here! My suggestion today was to zoom the browser in or out. Not perfect solution, but sometimes on a laptop I run into this issue and just zooming the browser window in or out allows you to finish entering th popup.