Can not create New Account

I am not able to create a new account in suiteCRM, I have attached the screenshot of the error message. Please help me to sort it out.

Have you made any customisations to the template it is complaining about? Also have you tried a repair and rebuild? The file it’s complaining about is cached and repair and rebuild deletes the cache so may help

Actually looking at the screenshot again I’ve just realised that it looks like you are using one of the beta versions or release candidates as that looks like the new theme which hasn’t had a proper production release.

The release candidates are really just for testing and to demonstrate what new features are coming soon. A new production version of Suite with this functionality should be released this week. I’d recommend upgrading to this when it comes out.

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This problem arise when I try to rebuild and repair in the admin panel.

But that sounds great upgrade to the another version.

Can you please have a look on this question?