Can I disable saving all attachments to Note records for inbound emails?


I understand that the capability of extracting attached documents from an archived email might be a reasonable feature. However, it doesn’t make sense if all attachments (plus all embedded images, including signatures and logos) are always extracted, which results in an exploding number of Note records (and redundant data). Especially if you use automated email archiving or group email accounts. Is it necessary?

Can you please help me to find out the code that disable the automatic notes creating. This feature has made my Notes module totally useless. :blink:

Thanks in advance.[/b][/size]

When does this “extracting” occur? Which button do I have to press, on which screen?

Thanks for your reply.

If I import an email with an attachment, the attachment appears in notes. I’m just following normal email import steps for the first time and then the scheduler automatic imports the emails as per our configuration.

Let me know if you have any confusion.

You can try to follow the trail from here

Which seems to be called from this function

Note that there are two importOneEmail functions there, one old and one new. I am not sure in which version this changed, probably in 7.9.0.



Thank you very much. My issue sorted.

I have commented this line $this->saveAttachments($msgNo, $part->parts, $emailId, $thisBc, $forDisplay);

Note: I haven’t checked the side effects of this. If any user finds something, please feel free to write it here.

Thanks again.

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