Can i add product with variations?

I have product with different variations.
For example I have a car as a product. Car’s price will be dependent on car’s color and model.
So i need provision such that Product have different attributes ( Like color,… ) and product’s price and image can be set according to product’s attribute.

Let’s say, One car have red and white color. So can i add two price and two product images for product ( One for red and one for white ) ?

Any guidance would be appreciable :slight_smile:

Hi Vidhi,

It is a feature of Price Book module. At present SuiteCRM do not have it. So I think you can create a new module which can have various prices for same product based on defined criteria. I think it is in road map of SuiteCRM.


Hi simbasys

Thank you so much for quick reply. :slight_smile:

I think Price Book is different product prices for different account / customer.

What i need is, product prices for different attributes within product ( like color / size / weight )…


Either you can create module like price book which replace account/customer with attributes ( here, number of attributes will be fixed).
Or you have to implement EAV modal like in Magento… but it is advisable if products are many and attribute varies extensively.
Have a look this link for EAV -



Hi simbasys

Thanx for this idea :slight_smile: I will definitely try this

Our team built The Price Books add-on for SuiteCRM allows you to sell products at different pricing rates based on your chosen agreement terms with specific types of customers, resellers, or distributors… Please review it from here…