Can custom CSS changes be applied only to Users by Role and NOT apply to ADMIN?

SuiteCRM version 7.9.16
I’m significantly customizing and need to apply changes in the look, functionality, ect to users that I have in a “Role” but I cant have them apply to me as the Admin.

For example…

I’d like to remove the “Create” dropdown and the People drop down (the one with Employees, About, Admin, Support Forum).
But I only want to remove them for users by Role.


You can change things by Role, but they are only per-module and per-action-type (read/write/create/etc).

You cannot change CSS per-role.

But you can have PHP code that checks which user is running and changes things. You can try and find the code generating the screens and customize it.

(I don’t know where it is, sorry)

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