Can anyone tell me what's the point of these?


These three in leads section:

  • Lawful Basis
  • Lawful Basis Date Reviewed
  • Lawful Basis Source


What is the point of these or the idea behind these drop-downs and how is it intended to be used and in which context?

Leads source and the other ones speaks for itself and can be found in 99% of all CRM systems.

Thanks a bunch in advance for the help.
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These were added recently for GDPR compliance. It’s where you record which lawful basis you have for being allowed to contact someone.

@pgr Question: Should them be part of the standard edit/detail view instead of just having them on the Mass Update option? I know we can add them manually but it might be good idea modify the default views.



Oh… I see. Now it makes much more sense.
Thank you @pgr for explaining this.! :smiley: :+1:

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They are overkill (I think) for people outside the EU… so I guess it’s better to let people who need the fields add them manually through Studio. but this is arguable, of course. The same reasoning could be applied to say they shouldn’t be in the Mass Update by default… :man_shrugging:

Well. At least the option exists for people who needs it!!


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Well if not else, the drop downs are confusing if you like me don’t know what they are made for.
They (The devs), should consider to add the Line:
For GDPR compliance” to that section so you can understand instantly what they are there for. It would save everybody’s time. I spent time searching on and Google before I asked here. It would have saved me 15-20 minutes for example (plus you guys time too).

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