Campaigns not working

I cannot create a campaign.
I’ve installed versions 7.6.2 on Ubuntu 16.04.
I can click on Marketing in the menu, then campaign. I will then click create. I’ll add detail, then click next. The next page will flicker once , and that part of page will go blank.
I’ve checked file permission and ownership, and it’s all fine.

pls attach the screen shot

made some progress
upgraded suitecrm to 7.6.2 and sugar 6.5.23 (1061)

problem persists but further down the menu path

Email Campaign

  1. Campaign header ok
  2. Select target list works (this is the last screen that works)
  3. When clicking next to select a template, the screen goes blank (see attached print of screen)
  4. The campaign is not saved and defaults back to the initial choices (Newsletter / Email / Non Email / Campaigns)

Non Email campaign

  1. Campaign header is ok
  2. Budget is ok
  3. Select Target list is ok (this is the last screen)
  4. When clicking next, the screen goes blank (see attached print of screen)
  5. The campaign is not saved and defaults back to the 3 initial choices (Newsletter / Email / non email / campaigns)

Thank you for responding and reading this post.

The email module works with me only under PHP 5.4 and earlier. For us, the mail module one of the main module. Versions later cause smtp error - the module must be adjusted to reflect new php versions.


contact on

Email campaigns are working with MySQL 5.7, but only with a fix (remove NO_ZERO_DATE from sql_mode).


There is PR waiting to be merged that seems to address this.

I have the same problem, all the way to the end, screen flickers and nothing. Any ideas? :S

Hi, it’s better if you start your own thread, and include more information about your system (version of OS, database, web server, php, SuiteCRM), and any errors you fin in the logs at the time of the failure.