Campaigns: exporting/printing status

Hi everyone!

We have a newsletter campaign and we’d like to export/print the “click-thru link” list, what is the recommended way?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t know the answer, but since there’s no one else answering, let me try this vague and generic advice:

  • try getting that information from a Report

  • if that proves to be impossible, get an export from the database into CSV and print from Excel (or similar)

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Thanks for your help :slight_smile:
The Reports module looked promising, but even if it allows a “Campaign Log: Target Type” field there’s no “Target Name” :frowning:

Maybe there’s a way to add that by tweaking CampaignLog/vardefs.php, I’ll try

Had to patch up modules/AOR_Reports/AOR_Report.php too… Anyway now I can export those campaign statuses to PDF, nice! Thanks again :slight_smile:

SIGH another problem: even if this works for the admin user, a normal user cannot see the report details, since the user would need “view rights” for the CampaignLog module but the CampaignLog module is omitted from the “edit role” page… :woohoo:

Maybe you can set the role in the database directly?

I’ll try to fix the UI page first, but thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

It looks like the root cause is that CampaignLog doesn’t implement the “ACL” interface… I think I’ll open an issue on GitHub and see if I can get some feedback from a dev

Same problem here. Did your Github fix work?

Yes I’m using it in production :slight_smile:

Excellent. We need this. Could you expand on the steps to fix it? I’m Ok with editing CampaignLog.php but how does a noob like me add the 8 actions (view, massupdate, list etc.) to the acl_actions table?

I’ve copied your Github post here:

"I’m thinking of adding this

public function bean_implements($interface)
    switch ($interface) {
        case 'ACL':return true;
    return false;

to CampaignLog.php and the related actions to the acl_actions table by going to index.php?module=ACL&action=install_actions"

Many tia

Simply login to the SuiteCRM instance as administrator and then go to



It works! I guess I was overthinking it. Many thanks