Campaign Wizard Marketing Tab: Name values entered are ignored

Hello all,
My hope was this would be fixed in version 7.10 but nope. When I travel through the campaign wizard and end up on the marketing tab where I enter values for “from name”, “from address”, “reply-to-name” etc., then go to the next tab (summary) and finally jump back to the marketing tab all the values are gone. I don’t wanna over-egg the cake here but this is quite annoying. Happens in all supported browsers.
Any help / hint highly appreciated!
cheers: peter

I’m not very familiar with this part of the app, so I might be mistaken, but isn’t it possible that this is by design?

Because Marketing names are supposed to be multiple, for a single campaign. You can have several “sendings”, like the January newsletter, the February newsletter, etc.

So if you’re back at that screen maybe it’s thinking you’re starting a new thing, and thus the empty fields. Does this make any sense?

Thanks for your reply! Well, I would disagree. In a wizard I expect to go back and forth and always find the values I entered before. On top I am moving withing a campaign.


Can you please search GitHub to see if the issue is already reported and, if not, open it yourself? Thanks


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